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Really?? Ok, perhaps not. I wanted a category to put my introduction to Junter in, and “About” seemed like a good category.

Problem is, of course, that the afforementioned article might be the only one in this category, or perhaps all articles will fall under this category. Who knows, there’s only one article at the moment anyway, I can choose appropriate categories as more articles appear and logical categories reveal themselves to me….

Anyway, according to good website design and SEO principles, this category page should also introduce itself and summarise the category. So here goes:

Junter the Javascript Hunter, is a little bit of script you add to your site or blog which enables you to do a real-time search/scrape/crawl of the site, including dynamic content which is traditionally ignored by conventional search engine spiders.

The articles below are either summaries (if I have filled in the summaries), or full articles (if I have not filled in the summaries). Why am I telling you this? Because that will help me remember how this blog/cms system works. I’m trialling it, you see. Like a bunch of other ones. And I need to keep track of how each of them work. Back on track though -> here are(is) the article(s) about Junter…..

Articles on About

  1. So this is Junter

    17 July 2010

    Junter, the Javascript Hunter, lets you perform real-time searches on pages with dynamic content.

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